green market


today i finally made it to the union square green market – one of my favorite places in nyc. things are just getting good at the markets and though i don’t make it nearly as much as i should, today was bountiful.

dinner: sautéed market spinach, asparagus and ramp leaves + scallops with ramp and garlic butter


It’s that time of year again – festival! And though I swore 2 years ago that I would not miss a single year as long as I live, I will regretfully not be attending this one. What might you ask is festival? It’s one of the best (if not the best) music celebrations around. 3 years ago I took what was arguably the best road trip of my life (more on that later) with my good friend Sally and ended up in Lafayette, Louisiana. I had absolutely no idea what I was in for – not only was it my first time in Louisiana, it was my first time experiencing a lot of things.

The music itself, a mix of international performers and local musical legends, sets the backdrop for the best 5 days and nights you could imagine. Stages are set up all over downtown Lafayette and so as you walk from stage to stage you can’t help but dance instead. Not to mention the food and the beer! At any given point during festival, one never has two free hands and very rarely even one. And after you think you can’t possible have one more strawberry Abita or shrimp po boy, you find yourself buying more tickets and getting another round. After a day of dancing, delicious food, more beers than you can count and laughing with complete strangers (your new best friends), the main stage closes and there is only one place to go – the Blue Moon. My love for this place will never fully translate through words, but I can try. In short, it’s the perfect venue for listening to Cajun and zydeco music. Quite often the bands you saw during the day play with each other at night, resulting in the best jam session/dance party one could hope for. And of course, there’s always someone willing to teach you the dance moves you never knew you had. Needless to say, I’m still hoping to find a last-minute ticket.

…than a big bowl of pasta.

sausage, asparagus and ramp

Sometimes I find myself trying to convince non-twitter users (to no avail) why they should be tweeting and what they are missing out on. However, I think last night proves my point pretty well. A restaurant in my neighborhood mentioned on twitter that, after a bountiful day of foraging ramps, they were giving them away. Being that I was nearby, I stopped by and picked up a bunch. Thank you Julian.

Eggs with ramps, asparagus and mushrooms, sautéed greens and toast.

trade school


I finally made it to Trade School– something I have been wanting to do ever since I first heard about it. Started in 2010, Trade School is an alternative learning space where students barter with teachers to attend. Anyone can teach and anyone can attend. I absolutely love this idea, and though we were packed like sardines in a tiny room, it was a fantastic experience. In exchange for some granola, I spent a couple of hours learning about eco-roofs. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but I can now say that I know the difference between white, green, blue and brown roofs. Additionally, I walked away with some very practical knowledge. Perhaps the most interesting thing I learned was that New York is a combined sewer system – the opposite of what I am used to in Southern California. What is a combined sewer system? To put it simply, combined sewer systems collect sewage AND storm water runoff. In southern California storm water runoff goes directly to the ocean. Why, might you ask, is this so interesting? Two reasons: 1. Pretty much every time we get more than 0.4 inches of rain in New York (basically every time it rains) the sewer system overflows and that filthy water goes straight into our watershed. 2. There is something we can do to help when this happens – don’t shower, wash your clothes or run the dishwasher. The more water being fed into the sewer system means more water overflow.

I also found out about this awesome exhibition at the New York Botanical Garden. I will no doubt be visiting in the next few days before it’s gone.

photo courtesy of www.iaac.net

photo courtesy of http://www.iaac.net

gabrielles not mean, shes real nice

she dosnt like chicken but she dose like rice

except for tandori chicken with not too much spice

gabrielles not mean, shes real nice

-nicolette amette-nilsson (circa 1988)

hello world


hello world