kayaking on the east river


dream come true

as long as i’ve lived in new york something has bothered me. it wasn’t until about a month ago that i became acutely aware of the fact that i’ve always wanted to get in the east river. of course i’ve fantasized about swimming over to manhattan plenty of times, or even just jumping in on a hot day, but something has always stopped me.

in california i never think twice about sticking my foot in the ocean, so the constant resistance i feel here is so unsettling. my perception of the east river has always been this: cold, dirty and dangerous. and though one can make a case for all three, i can now testify that i have been wrong – at least about the cold and dangerous part. when i began to think seriously about this, and all the frustrations i’ve had, i decided i would absolutely be getting in the water as soon as possible. kayaking in red hook (on a insanely beautiful evening) seemed to be the perfect introduction. all i can say is that i wish i’d done it earlier.


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