2 years ago…


time flies…

although i know this and experience it over and over, it is always surprising just how fast the months roll on. two years ago i had the pleasure of  running away to italy for a brief period of bucolic bliss. although i had made some preparations earlier in the year to do something like this, the experience almost completely fell into my lap. so i left new york, made a quick stop in england for a wedding and family reunion of sorts, and headed to rome. as I boarded the bus at the airport in rome and started heading into the city, panic struck me.  i didn’t speak the language, i figured i would wing it, after all, i was a seasoned traveller. but in my overconfidence i had neglected to get even an english-italian translation book, they take up too much room i thought as i packed.  despite my worrying i made it to my destination without any major issues – agriturismo pulicaro in torre alfina.

olive trees with pulicaro in the background

feeding time

there were so many chickens! needless to say i had to get over the fear of 50 chickens swarming your feet at once for food.

feisty rooster (aka nagasaki)…everyday he waited until i turned my back and then shamelessly attacked me

late afternoon feeding

daily harvest

rabbit apartments – i don’t think i will be owning any rabbits in my lifetime

harvesting tomatoes in the big garden

processing all those tomatoes with the nonnas – i spoke no italian and they spoke no english but we made it work

completing the process…feeding scraps to moulting chickens

roasting veggies in the outdoor oven

view from the outdoor oven

due to the location of pulicaro, i spent weekends exploring the two closest villages either by bike or very generous rides from strangers. one weekend however, i took the train to rome. it had been years since i’d been in rome last and like any backpacking 19 year old, i saw all the sights on that first trip. this time i had one agenda: eat.

probably the best meal i had in rome. i’d done a bit of reading before hand so i made the trek to necci dal 1924. i learned the hard way that there is nowhere to stay in this little neighborhood. despite that one hiccup, i did have a very lovely afternoon in pigneto.

pizza bianca e rosso

friday market in campo de fiori

is there any other way to start a meal? this was every bit as good as it looks but i have to say, far and away, the most delicious thing i have ever eaten (in my entire life) was the wild boar salumi at pulicaro.

my last week at pulicaro was a quiet one. marco and chiara (my lovely and amazing hosts) were out of town and the other wwoofers had left, so it was just pascuale (marco’s cousin) and myself. two days before i left a storm rolled in and left the most beautiful skies…

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