it’s only just october and yet summer feels like so long ago.  and, although i am beyond happy

about the arrival of fall, it was a pretty great summer…

it all started on a lake…

a most delicious meal (per se) and birthday celebration…

inaugural visit to governors island…

warm afternoons at the pool/beach (brooklyn bridge park)…

tons of tomatoes…

picnic on the island…

kayaking in the east river…

jazz party…

tennis and martinis, a new tradition i hope…

a much needed visit home…

goodbye summer…hello fall



i was craving a trip to california all summer long and so as the weather started to change in new york i booked my trip home (finally). though it wasn’t nearly long enough (vacation never is), i had a great time. running all over town to see people, i managed to make time for a an hour or two at the beach almost everyday. there were so many babies to see, some brand new and others so big! there was a quick trip to san diego for some time with the bff, barbecuing with the family, tennis, heaps of mexican food, swimming, train rides, and lots of catching up.

morning walks at my favorite beach

how did they get so big?

trisha and baby paloma. so happy to meet this little one!

tired selma – vacation san diego


the best feeling

i love lucy’s

perfect day

train riding

this little one

goodnight hop hop

it’s amazing how time flies. a year ago today (8.24.11) this little one came into the world.

i was lucky enough to be there (though i almost didn’t make it). it was the most amazing thing i have ever seen in my life.

she is crazy about me.

i can’t wait to see her next month!

we were excited – can you tell?

probably the cutest girls there

these people were not messing around

sunday i woke up with only one thing to do. little did i know the day that was coming my way. after eating some of the most delicious bbq i’ve ever had, i serendipitously found myself on governor’s island. i have been wanting to ride bikes on the island forever and it finally happened. as my partner in crime for the day put it, it felt like being at summer camp.

*free* ferry over

i want to live here

or here

relaxing on some oyster shells

lady liberty in all her glory

this campus makes me want to go back to high school

goodbye until next time (next weekend)

so nice to wake up to this


the house

kayaks, canoes, floaties – such fun

sharing is caring

the were a couple of ducks/duck-couple sharing the grounds with us

boat house

the menu

goodbye camp treusch

when it rains it pours and this week is no different.

yesterday i said goodbye to sasha as she headed back home to california. we had such a fun weekend celebrating her birthday with her amazing friends and family and exploring new york. one afternoon she made a comment about how our friendship was so easy and i couldn’t agree more – these are the best kind of friendships. i’m so thankful we met each other last year in california. now if i could just convince her to move to brooklyn…

the only thing to soften the blow of a friend leaving town is another one flying in the next day (and a quite night of cooking and relaxing). today jamie (my best friend and brand new auntie) is flying across the country. she is here on very important business – meeting her new nephew. i am thrilled to see them all, take long walks in central park and celebrate mother’s day with some of my favorite ladies in the world.