these all happened today…

…so did these

  • happy hour
  • bike ride
  • book signing, talk and tasting
  • free photobooth under the manhattan bridge
  • mushroom slice
  • secret glow worm habitat finally found!
  • baby paloma was born (clearly the winner)

dream come true

as long as i’ve lived in new york something has bothered me. it wasn’t until about a month ago that i became acutely aware of the fact that i’ve always wanted to get in the east river. of course i’ve fantasized about swimming over to manhattan plenty of times, or even just jumping in on a hot day, but something has always stopped me.

in california i never think twice about sticking my foot in the ocean, so the constant resistance i feel here is so unsettling. my perception of the east river has always been this: cold, dirty and dangerous. and though one can make a case for all three, i can now testify that i have been wrong – at least about the cold and dangerous part. when i began to think seriously about this, and all the frustrations i’ve had, i decided i would absolutely be getting in the water as soon as possible. kayaking in red hook (on a insanely beautiful evening) seemed to be the perfect introduction. all i can say is that i wish i’d done it earlier.

so nice to wake up to this


the house

kayaks, canoes, floaties – such fun

sharing is caring

the were a couple of ducks/duck-couple sharing the grounds with us

boat house

the menu

goodbye camp treusch

today was one of those days when i can’t possibly imagine being anywhere else in the world but new york . it started with the most delicious chicken parm hero – a sandwich very close to my heart and something i will write more about later. upon completion, and some window shopping, i headed over to see the newish richard avedon exhibit at the gagosian – murals and portraits.  i completely forgot about the avedon exhibit i went to in san diego a few years ago – also portraits. there was one photo there that really stood out to me. it’s called ‘members of the young lord’s party’ and i was glued to it immediately. the woman in the photo, gloria gonzalez, reminds me very much of my mother (at that age) for reasons i can explain and others i can’t. mostly it’s her hairstyle, the dress and her petite frame, but it’s also the confidence and presence she gives off despite being the smallest person in the photo. needless to say i was surprised and happy to see it again today. i highly recommend taking the time to visit before it’s gone.

next up (after a quick cocktail and conversation) was the highline – one of my favorite places in the city. it always amazes me how stunning it is up there. after looking back on some pictures from years past, it’s clear to see how much bigger the trees and plants are this year.

not that i needed any proof for how lovely this day was, this song popped in my head as it does sometimes when i feel very happy (skip to 1:35). (this song @ 1:25 also pops in my head sometimes when i’m riding my bike in a hurry – then i start laughing.)

oh yeah – i also stopped by chelsea market and the comme des garcons store where i was basically asked not to touch the clothes, so tempting.

love this photo

the happiest sad flowers

jr – inside out

iced coffee and surfboards @ saturdays

i keep going back

the end.

when it rains it pours and this week is no different.

yesterday i said goodbye to sasha as she headed back home to california. we had such a fun weekend celebrating her birthday with her amazing friends and family and exploring new york. one afternoon she made a comment about how our friendship was so easy and i couldn’t agree more – these are the best kind of friendships. i’m so thankful we met each other last year in california. now if i could just convince her to move to brooklyn…

the only thing to soften the blow of a friend leaving town is another one flying in the next day (and a quite night of cooking and relaxing). today jamie (my best friend and brand new auntie) is flying across the country. she is here on very important business – meeting her new nephew. i am thrilled to see them all, take long walks in central park and celebrate mother’s day with some of my favorite ladies in the world.

green market


today i finally made it to the union square green market – one of my favorite places in nyc. things are just getting good at the markets and though i don’t make it nearly as much as i should, today was bountiful.

dinner: sautéed market spinach, asparagus and ramp leaves + scallops with ramp and garlic butter


It’s that time of year again – festival! And though I swore 2 years ago that I would not miss a single year as long as I live, I will regretfully not be attending this one. What might you ask is festival? It’s one of the best (if not the best) music celebrations around. 3 years ago I took what was arguably the best road trip of my life (more on that later) with my good friend Sally and ended up in Lafayette, Louisiana. I had absolutely no idea what I was in for – not only was it my first time in Louisiana, it was my first time experiencing a lot of things.

The music itself, a mix of international performers and local musical legends, sets the backdrop for the best 5 days and nights you could imagine. Stages are set up all over downtown Lafayette and so as you walk from stage to stage you can’t help but dance instead. Not to mention the food and the beer! At any given point during festival, one never has two free hands and very rarely even one. And after you think you can’t possible have one more strawberry Abita or shrimp po boy, you find yourself buying more tickets and getting another round. After a day of dancing, delicious food, more beers than you can count and laughing with complete strangers (your new best friends), the main stage closes and there is only one place to go – the Blue Moon. My love for this place will never fully translate through words, but I can try. In short, it’s the perfect venue for listening to Cajun and zydeco music. Quite often the bands you saw during the day play with each other at night, resulting in the best jam session/dance party one could hope for. And of course, there’s always someone willing to teach you the dance moves you never knew you had. Needless to say, I’m still hoping to find a last-minute ticket.